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Some Photos

These two taken in Lafayette #1 in New Orleans. This is the cemetery where Anne Rice
played as a child and used fictionally several times in her novels. Caitlin Kiernan also
used the location for her story "Lafayette."

Paula Guran Guran

I finally found a rock star older than I am with whom to pose.
Alice Cooper is the brunet on the left.

Alice Cooper

Beth Gwinn snapped me with Lucy Taylor (left) and with
two of my favorite Brits, China Mieville and Graham Joyce (right).

Lucy Taylor China & Graham

Ed Bryant and me. "The Nostrils Photo" taken by Ellen Datlow.

Ed Bryant and Paula Guran

Thomas Lyon took this "letting the beast out" photo. Ellen Datlow took the one of me
and Jim Minz and yes, he is that tall. I am not that short.

Fangs Jim Minz and Guran

Left: With Doug Clegg. (Photo by Ellen Datlow) Right: Looking very
pale and serious with Neil Gaiman. (Photo by Mandy Slater)

Doug Clegg Neil Gaiman