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◊ General information or to contact Paula Guran: Email darkecho@darkecho.com
◊ To contact Rick Berry, email art@braid.com

Featured Art by Rick Berry

Please note: Copyrights to all of the artwork reproduced at the top of the page or on "view art" pages of DarkEcho 4.0 and in the left column under the DarkEcho Horror logo on DarkEcho 3.0 is held by the individual artist, Rick Berry and is used by his permission. Nothing may be reproduced, linked, or transmitted in any form without written permission from the artist. If you are interested in rights for these works, please include the title of the piece, specific use and rights you require and email art@braid.com. Mr Berry is also available for original illustration, design and concept work. Please visit the Braid Art site to view more of his work.

Each "page" of both DarkEcho 3.0 and 4.0 is graced with the incredible art of Rick Berry. Berry is an accomplished oil painter, draftsman, and a pioneer in new media. In 1984, he created the world's first digital cover illustration for a work of fiction, William Gibson's Neuromancer. He left school at age 17 to begin a career in underground comics. After hitching east to Boston from Colorado, he shifted his artistic focus and has produced hundreds of illustrations for books, magazines, games, CDs, and comics. In addition to illustration, Berry's early experience in the print production trenches of comics has evolved into specialty editions design work, and has sent him to some interesting places. He was flown to Hong Kong in 1993 to supervise presses and advise the Chinese on current electronic press capabilities. His fine art work can be seen in galleries internationally and online at Braid Media Arts.

Rick Berry Berry has an abiding interest in collaborative work, and, in 1993, joined with Phil Hale to produce Double Memory, an 110 page book that Peter Straub called "...a dazzling achievement." Berry and William Gibson worked together again in 1995 when Braid Media Arts (Berry, Darrel Anderson, and Gene Bodio) designed and executed the CGI cyberspace climax of TriStar Productions' film, Johnny Mnemonic. The sequence was featured in SIGGRAPH's animation revue, 1996.

Berry also has a long-term collaboration with fellow professional artist/illustrator/designer for 30 years. The founders of Braid, their work has received awards from The Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts, Spectrum, MacWorld Macintosh Masters, Computer Graphics World, and the Truevision International Videographics Competition. It has appeared in nearly every major computer graphics/media/arts magazine, as well many other publications including books, comics, posters, and a few doorstops.

Berry teaches Digital Art: A Collaborative Approach at Tufts University, as well a conducting lectures and workshops at colleges and corporations nationally on the nature of creativity. He lives with his wife and three children in Massachusetts.


DarkEcho is defunct. In its most recent incarnation it focused on the literature of the fantastic: science fiction, fantasy, horror, speculative fiction, whatever you want to call it. It featured a blog, reviews, interviews, and essays. There was a free e-mail newsletter.

Over the years there have been three major site constructions: the original tacky little site (v.1.0) appeared in 1995, the first makeover with Rick Berry art appeared during the OMNI era (v.2.0), a massive remodel in early 2002 (v.3.0), and the final "white site" (v.4.0) of 2005.

DarkEcho 3.0 (re-designed and re-launched 1 May 2002) focused primarily on horror. It incorporates professionally published content from several sources including all of the content of DarkEcho OMNI Horror, originally produced (1996-1998) under editors Ellen Datlow and Pam Weintraub for pioneering professional Web publication OMNI Online. Universal Studios' HorrorOnline went on the Web in October 1998 and existed in a monthly format through the spring of 2001. Now that HorrorOnline no longer exists, most of the content produced for its horror literature area -- monthly interviews, essays, and reviews -- is also republished here.

Other content came from Spook magazine, the "Waves of Fear" column in Cemetery Dance magazine, the DarkEcho Horror site (established 1995) that was produced in support of DarkEcho, a weekly email newsletter for horror writers and others, and from the newsletter itself.

Further original material from writers Colleen Crary, Hank Wagner, Justin Norton, Fiona Webster, John Grant, M. Christian, and Thomas Roche is also included.

DarkEcho version 4.0, emphasizing science fiction and fantasy (including horror) was launched in October 2005. Along with some original content, there are re-printed reviews and interviews from CFQ magazine, Fantasy Magazine, and "Waves of Fear" column in Cemetery Dance magazine.

About Paula Guran

The Very Short Bio (About 100 words)

Paula Guran is senior editor for Prime Books. She edited the Juno fantasy imprint from its small press inception through its incarnation as an imprint of Pocket Books. She is also senior editor of Prime's soon-to-launch digital imprint Masque Books. Guran edits the annual Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror series as well as a growing number of other anthologies. In an earlier life she produced weekly email newsletter DarkEcho (winning two Stokers, an IHG award, and a World Fantasy Award nomination), edited Horror Garage (earning another IHG and a second World Fantasy nomination), and has contributed reviews, interviews, and articles to numerous professional publications.

The Long Bio

Paula GuranPaula Guran is senior editor for Prime Books. She edited the Juno fantasy imprint for six years from its small press inception through its incarnation as an imprint of Simon & Schuster's Pocket Books. Guran is the editor of the annual Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror series of anthologies and editor of numerous other anthologies. She is also senior editor of Prime's soon-to-launch digital imprint Masque Books.

In an earlier life she produced Darkecho, a weekly email newsletter for horror writers and others, for over six years (1994-2001) and was recognized with two unprecedented back-to-back Bram Stoker Awards for Nonfiction from the Horror Writers Association (1998 and 1999) as well as an International Horror Guild Award (1999) and a World Fantasy nomination (1997). She began producing the horror portion of the pioneering professional Web publication OMNI Online in 1996 and became the Literature Editor of Universal Studios' HorrorOnline in October 1998.

She reviewed regularly for Publishers Weekly for over a decade, was review editor for the original print incarnation of Fantasy magazine for a few years (returning in 2009 to edit reviews for its online version), a columnist for Cemetery Dance magazine for five years, and editor for the print section (reviewing and writing articles about sf/f/h) of CFQ (Cinemafantastique) Magazine. She served as nonfiction editor for Weird Tales magazine in 2011. She is a member of the National Book Critics Circle.

Guran edited Horror Garage for three years. The print zine, an eccentric mix of original dark fiction and garage/punk/indie music, received an IHG award for Best Publication of 2000 and Guran was honored with a World Fantasy nomination for it in 2002. (Note: She is no longer connected with Horror Garage in any way.) Guran edited the anthology Embraces: Dark Erotica (Venus or Vixen) -- termed in a starred review in Publishers Weekly: "Provocative, intelligent, subversive and, above all, artful." It was an IHG nominee as Best Anthology. Her next anthology for Juno Books, Best New Paranormal Romance, also received a starred review in Publishers Weekly. (Other anthologies she has edited are listed below.)

Other than publications already mentioned, she has written articles or reviews for The Encyclopedia of Vampires, Icons of Horror, Supernatural Literature of the World, SciFi Magazine, SciFipedia, Locus, Locus Online, Weird Tales, The Third Alternative (UK), Event Horizon, Dark Wisdom, Dead Reckonings, Barnesandnoble.com, Gettingit.com, Mystery Scene, Inklings, SciFiEye, Horror, Pulp Eternity, Cabaret, Tangent, ZENtertainment, The Market List, Heliocentric Net, Into the Darkness, D8, for Writers Digest books, and various convention programmes. Some of her work has been translated into German and Russian.

She mentored the The Spook and was a contributing editor for that publication. Guran is the former fiction editor for Gothic.Net and previously edited and published Wetbones, a print magazine of cutting edge dark fiction. She authored introductions for the multiple award-winning collection Black Butterflies by John Shirley, anthology Imagination Fully Dilated 2, and Nancy Kilpatrick's collection Cold Comfort. Her essay on the history of Halloween was featured in the award-winning Cemetery Dance anthology, October Dreams. Her essay "Introduction: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Urban Fantasy" appeared in The Urban Fantasy Anthology (Tachyon, 2011) edited by Peter S. Beagle and Joe R. Lansdale.

She was award-winning author John Shirley's literary representative from January 1996 until the end of 2012. She also represented Anthony Huso, whose debut novel, The Last Page, was listed as a "Best of 2010" by Kirkus. (Guran no longer agents.)

Dabs of fiction have appeared under pseudonyms for professional webzines and, under her own name, in anthologies Eros Ex Machina and the award-winning 365 Scary Stories.

She chaired the Horror Writers Association Bram Stoker Awards Jury for two terms and is a former member of the Board of Trustees. Guran served as a World Fantasy Award judge in 2001 and administered the a International Horror Guild Awards from 1997 until its demise in 2008.

Guran has moderated and served on panels for the World Horror Convention, Readercon, SFWorldCon, World Fantasy Convention, Wiscon, Readercon, the Horror Writers Association Annual Meeting, Dragon*Con, Context, Death Equinox, and NeCon. She's also been interviewed by media including the BBC, NBC-affiliate KVOA, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, and several online and print magazines.

She worked for Stealth Press -- a publisher of sf/f/h & more -- in marketing, as Online Content Editor, and in other capacities. She served as publisher of Writers.com Books and its imprints Infrapress and Cælum Press In addition to her publishing duties, Guran has worked, taught, and edited for Writers on the Net and produced a monthly newsletter for them for a dozen years, which garnered her a nomination as Favorite Online Writer for Inscriptions Magazine's 2001 Engraver Awards. Some nice people say nice things about her at the Writers.com site.

Guran also designed and webmastered several Web sites.

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Anthologies Edited

Embraces: Dark Erotica (Venus or Vixen)

Best New Paranormal Romance (Juno)

Best New Romantic Fantasy 2 (Juno)

The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror: 2010 (Prime)
Zombies: The Recent Dead (Prime)

Vampires: The Recent Undead (Prime)
The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror: 2011 (Prime)
Halloween (Prime)
New Cthulhu: The Recent Weird (Prime)

Brave New Love (Robinson, UK)
Brave New Love (Running Press, US)
Witches: Wicked, Wild & Wonderful (Prime)
Obsession: Tales of Irresistible Desire (Prime)(SFBC edition forthcoming)
The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror: 2012 (Prime)
Extreme Zombies (Prime)
Ghosts: Recent Hauntings(Prime)
Rock On: The Greatest Hits of Science Fiction & Fantasy(Prime)
Season of Wonder

Future Games (Prime)
Weird Detectives: Recent Investigations (Prime) (Forthcoming)
After the End: Recent Apocalypses (Prime) (Forthcoming)
The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror:2013 (Prime) (Forthcoming)
Halloween: Magic, Mystery, and the Macabre (Prime) (All Original; Forthcoming)
Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales (Prime) (All Original; Forthcoming)