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Context, Commentary & Caring

No matter who you are you will, by necessity, be blind to a great deal of what is being published in sf/f. Any reviewer or critic faces tremendous challenges when it comes to keeping up with context.

More Sex'n'Horror: The Tepid Blood Series

One way to consider the emotion of horror in a widely philosophic sense is to see it as the antitheses of human connection. Human beings are essentially alone in the universe and anything that relieves that burden of separateness is "good." Fear isolates us; horror is alienation and disintegration. Separateness is, therefore, "evil."

Horror Cuisine and Criticism

...there is very little serious reviewing these days in horror. There's also next to no real criticism (as in "considered judgment of or discussion about the qualities of something, especially a creative work") or criticism (as in "opinions that point out one or more faults of a work") outside of some academic critique.

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