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Book Review

BY Brian Lumley
Forge/ $26.95/ 318 pages
ISBN: 0-765-30481-3

Book Cover This hardcover re-issue is the third of the Psychomek Trilogy. It's not the place to start. Get all three. Start with PSYCHOMEK, then read PSYCHOSPHERE (both first published in 1984) before attempting PSYCHAMOK (first published: 1985). In the final volume of the trilogy, Lumley supplies adequate prologue of how protagonist Richard Garrison became (thanks to the Psychomech Machine) a fearless mental giant with godlike power. But Garrison's transformation into a bodiless uber-mind and the universe in which he lives -- including the "changes" he has made to produce a peaceful, prosperous world -- cannot be fully served by summation. At the start of PSYCHAMOK, twenty years of tranquility have ended with The Gibbering, a plague of madness. The evil Charon Gubwa, destroyed in PSYCHOSPHERE, turns out not exactly utterly eradicated. He lives on as fungi in the body of J.C. Craig and speaks to Craig (yeah, the initials J.C. are significant) in the Voice of God. Only Richard Stone, who believes himself to be Richard Garrison's son, can set things right. Suzy, the dog who is not just a dog, comes across the forever to help Stone. Mind-zappingly fast with a plethora of characters and the weirdest of science, PSYCHAMOK is bizarrely imaginative -- even for the ever-bizarrely imaginative Lumley.

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