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My Work Is Not Yet Done
Thomas Ligotti
Mythos Books/ 200p/ $30
ISBN 0965943372
June 2002 Cover

Thomas Ligotti must be a sorcerer. Or maybe he sold his soul. Surely no mere normal human could create an alternate reality with nothing more than words? Atmosphere, mood, ambience -- call it what you will -- these three linked stories (technically a novella, a long short story, and a shorter story) will not just affect you, they will envelope you and take you -- well, elsewhere. It's not a particularly comfortable elsewhere either. Subtitled Three Tales of Corporate Horror, My Work is Not Yet Done is a preternatural perception of company life. It resonates (especially these days) for anyone who has worked in an office or even knows the corporate environment, but, at the same time, it is unlike anything any human could experience. Or perhaps not. Disturbing, disconcerting, uncanny, chilling -- this is a work of stunning genius. [Note: The Harry O. Morris cover and single illustration are superb.] ("Waves of Fear," Cemetery Dance #42)

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