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The Midnight Sun: The Complete Stories of Kane
Karl Edward Wagner
Nightshade Books / 450 pages / $35
ISBN: 1892389517

Cover As they did with Gods In Darkness, Night Shade Books has done another huge favor for both fans of Karl Edward Wagner's Kane and those who never previously read a word of the novels or stories. Gods In Darkness collected the three Kane novels in an omnibus edition. The Midnight Sun collects all the shorter Kane pieces -- sixteen stories, two poems, an early version of "Lynotris Reprise," a "lost" novel fragment, and an "intro to Kane" essay by Wagner. The two volumes -- both with sinew, sweat, and blood Ken Kelly covers -- are superb companion. For those who already appreciate Wagner's anti-hero, these volumes serve as a testament to extraordinary creation. For those who are unacquainted with Kane and those who, like me, were never given the chance to read most of this material in earlier incarnations The Midnight Sun serves as revelation. As Stephen Jones says in his brief but all-encompassing introduction: "You are about to discover some of the finest heroic fantasy fiction ever written..." The first edition of Gods In Darkness sold out quickly and The Midnight Sun may well be gone by the time you read this, but maybe you still have a chance to get them both. If not, pray for future editions. -- From Cemetery Dance #47

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