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Brian Hodge
Night Shade Books/ 386p/ $27
ISBN: 1892389177

LIES AND UGLINESS reveals, more than any of his previous (and wonderful) collections, the depth and range Hodge has as a writer. There may be those who write with as much authenticity, but no one has more ability to find the truth in as many forms or write it so well as a story. Hodge has the capacity to put his palm over the flame and carefully observe his flesh char -- then write about the experience with unflinching, exquisite prose. A talent for seeing new twists in old themes makes even a well-worn trope. The author's afterward is an amusing and illuminating slice of a writer's life and includes the "play-by-play" that accompanied an online writing experiment. Twenty reprints and two new stories ranging from erotic to vampiric to weird western to brutal crime and beyond, here's 150,000 words of Brian Hodge at his best -- and his best is extraordinary indeed. [Note: Cover design is by the talented John Picacio and perfect for the book.] -- Paula Guran (Cemetery Dance #42) Book COVER

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