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The Ignored
by Bentley Little
Signet/$5.99/429 pp.
ISBN: 0-451-19258-3

Bob is an average, ordinary guy in his first job. He has an average, ordinary girlfriend. In fact, Bob is sonormal, so perfectly at the center of typicality that he is ignored by practically everyone. Bob seems to be fading into complete oblivion. He senses this happening and is deeply distressed.

Bob then meets Phillipe, another person similar to himself. Bob discovers he is not only ignored, but one of the Ignored. For the first time in his life he "belongs." The group of Ignored folks is so imperceptible to the rest of world they are almost invisible. Under the influence of Phillipe, the group decides to become "Terrorists for the Common Man" and seek recognition for themselves. These "terrorist" acts are, at first, fairly mild, but they become increasingly more violent -- after all, if you are totally ignored you can literally get away with murder.

Bentley Little offers an entertaining, but relevant take on contemporary American society. We all feel dehumanized in some respect, and Little plays upon our inner fears with a satirizing twist that is also darkly disturbing.

The Ignored is a departure from Little's previous, more traditionally horrific novels. In novels like The Revelation, The Summoning, University and Dominion, Little terrified with supernatural evil; in The Mailman and Evil Deeds he used evil incarnated as psycho-killers to scare us. The "evil" in The Ignored is not so easily defined, but Little's fast paced plotting, dark humor and memorable imagery still serve him well.

The Ignored is a singular achievement by a writer who makes the leap from the ranks of the merely talented to true distinction with this book. This one may become a classic.-- Paula Guran

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