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Animated Objects
by Linda Addison
Paper $7.95 (ISBN: 0-917053-09-5)
Cloth $14.95 (ISBN: 0-917053-10-9)
Space and Time
138 West 70th Street (4B)
New York, NY 10023-4468
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This is not a perfect book, but it's an honest one. Linda Addison's debut collection of SF, fantastic and dark poetry, short stories, and unedited journal entries exposes not only the writer's imagination, but an extraordinarily generous amount of the writer herself. As she says in opening lines of the poem "The Prelude:" You've got to get naked to really love. Addison realizes her strength lies in revelation.

There are poems that don't quite hit and a story or two that miss the mark -- but then, life's like that and Animated Objects is very much about life. Both amusing and painful, rooted in darkness and the alien, Animated Objects reaffirms that life is worth living, love worth risking, and that you can grow wings to carry you higher. It's inspirational. -- Paula Guran

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