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The 37th Mandala
by Marc Laidlaw
ISBN: 0-312-13021-X
HB/352 pp/ $23.95
St. Martin's Press

Marc Laidlaw writes with originality and brilliant finesse from a classic, back-to-the-roots-of-horror base that doesn't stint on up-to-the-minute visceral intensity and sardonic wit. The 37th Mandala is a visionary, wicked tale of New Age spirituality and sheer evil.

Derek Crowe, a cynical snake-oil salesman for the crystal and channeling set (and worse, a writer), is an exploiter as scary as any fundamentalist Christian televangelist. By using the occult and the sacred for his own gain he releases infinite and chilling evil. The 37th Mandala presents the best kind of suspenseful scare. Laidlaw immediately draws the reader into the fantastic with powerful writing and believable characterization. I hope this one doesn't get overlooked by horror lovers or the general public; it's one of the best of 1996. -- Paula Guran

[Review of paperback edition (2000)]

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