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Criteria & Information

The Dark Links have a long (for the Internet anyway) history and tradition. Here are the basics:
  1. They are chosen as "recommended" links (although a few not-so-recommended ones slip in). Nothing is listed as only a "reciprocal" link. Please link to DarkEcho Horror -- just don't expect to be listed only because you link to us. On the other hand, being listed is not an endorsement of any kind or some great honor. (If being a Dark Link really thrills you -- you need to get a life.)
  2. This site focuses primarily on the literature of horror -- the written word -- and related subjects. Yeah, we touch on some art, dark erotica, maybe lifestyle, a little music... We're not anal about it (like if you cover dark lit and other stuff), but there are tons of sites dealing with horror films and TV out there. There's just one DarkEcho Horror.
  3. We love toys and jewelry and nifty clothes and the music of the night. We think it's great there are lots of special effects now available to the public and that "haunted" locales and events celebrate the macabre every fall. Bring on the custom vampire fangs, weird contact lenses, models, collectibles, RPG, videos, costumes, and all the other paraphernalia of the dark! But see point #1 above.
  4. We don't love cults, the satanic, the Left Hand Path in general and the like. Please go away.
  5. There have been different criteria over the years for who/what gets listed as an "author" link. Right now, we run on gut instinct and good intentions. Being listed or not listed will not have any effect on your career, life, or chances of getting a date.
  6. In the case of authors with more than one site, some effort has been made to discern the best of the lot and list them. If there is an "official" site then it is listed -- sometimes alone, sometimes with other sites.
  7. DarkEcho has always been an advocate for writers. We are never knowingly going to lend support to anything on- or off-line that is exploiting writers. This includes enterprises and products that are supposed to help writers, but really only help empty writerly pockets; over-promise (I can make you a bestseller!); have less-than-professional standards; or otherwise rip writers off. Nor will we list specific editorial services, self-publishing enterprises, agents or agencies -- not because they are, in general, slime, but because we have no way of distinguishing the slime from the worthy.
  8. This site is updated when the time is available. We try. Really.
  9. We screw up. We appreciate you letting us know of sites of interest and of updates or corrections needed. (See point #8 .)
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Hey, it's just alist! Whaddaya mean it's copyrighted? Yup, its called a compilation copyright. According to the US Copyright Act, such a compilation is the "collection and assembling of preexisting materials or of data that are selected in such a way that the resulting work as a whole constitutes an original work of authorship." The selection of links, the order they are presented in involves original, creative expression and is thus protected by copyright. Taking more than a few links from any category is infringing on that right.

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