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Dark Web Animation
  • All of the Dead - Horror invades Legoland!
  • (The) Animatrix - The four free Animatrix episodes from the Wachowskis.
  • Chi-ChianThe Web's first totally photographic anime series. Chian battles mammoth worm trains, giant insects, a samurai robot, and her own twisted family to save a dark 31st century New York.
  • The Perils of Dr Shroud: Vampire Killer - Upstanding citizen Dr Graves is exposed as a "reformed" vampire (as opposed to orthodox?), his daughter is abducted by unreformed vampires and he goes after 'em.
  • Ghosts of Albion - William and Tamara must use magic, intelligence, and the help of some long-dead friends to save 1838 London. From BBCi, written by Christopher Golden and Amber Benson.
  • Gone Bad, Episode 1 - Adventures of the living dead, another homage to George Romero
  • Gone Bad, Episode 2 - Adventures of the living dead, another homage to George Romero
  • Operation X-70 - Apocalyptic science fiction with all the standard cliches.
  • Palace of Shadows - Online "moving" horror comic
  • Power Goth Grrls - Goth spoof of "The Power Puff Girls," inspired by "as meninas gothik" from Brazil. (Unfortunately for W*nd*ws only)
  • Silence - Evil birds terrorize a town's inhabitants by stealing their dreams.
  • Scary Dolls - Stories by Andrei Bakurin plus some weird games.
  • Stainboy - Tim Burton's pioneering animated series
  • Stichboy - Homage to the both Tim Burton and Edward Gorey.
  • Tales of the Scarecrow, Volume One - This scarecrow is *not* for the birds.
  • Why the Bat Lives in Caves - Lovely adaptation of a Mongolian folktale.

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