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Online & Electronic Magazines

  • 3AM Magazine - Global literary, cutting edge nonfiction, short fiction (including "genre fiction" -- horror evidently must not be be confused with "fiction"), poetry, political satire, music reviews, literary news, etc. For something so terminally hip, it has an annoying design.
  • Aether Sanctum - Gothic and dark culture zine with music, gothic/industrial scene guide, and dark fiction, poetry & reviews.
  • (The) Alien Online - Sf/f/h news, reviews, articles, interviews. Great new design.
  • Along Zalandra Terrace - "Tales of hauntings, personal mysteries, premonitions and remembrances... stories, poems and games that chill and thrill."
  • Alternate Realities - For both readers and writers of sf/f/h/mystery, thriller & intrigue, poetry; market and resources listings for writers.
  • Art of Horror - Despite the title, it's not about visual art.
  • - An R-rated Web version of print goth/punk/culture/eroticismBlueBlood with articles & photos on fashion, music, etc. from Ameilia G and Forrest Black who also bring you
  • Blood Rose - Quarterly webzine with short horror/dark fantasy fiction & poetry
  • Champagne Shivers - Features horror fiction and poetry, demented nursery rhymes, horror art, and The Transylvania Times
  • Cherry Bleeds - Weekly webzine of "literary trangression" - fiction & nonfiction.
  • (The) City Morgue - DC-based magazine that covers Goth/Industrial/Punk community
  • Dark Moon Rising - Sf/f/h fiction, poetry, articles, some reviews.
  • Chiaroscuro - "Treatments of light and shade in words"; short fiction, poetry. Sponsored by Leisure Books' horror line.
  • Dark Muse - Short fiction, comic previews, reviews & babes.
  • Dark Passions - Reviews, essays and editorials from the "nocturnal community of fetishes."
  • Dark Planet - Webzine of science/speculative fiction, dark and modern fantasy, horror, weird mainstream & releated poetry & nonfiction.
  • Dark Shadows Journal Online - Web version of European "Dark Shadows" print fanzine
  • Death Grip - An online "anthology" of horror fiction
  • Delirium - Nonfiction & reviews of dark music, zines, some books, etc.
  • Dread Times - "A Literary Case of the Macabre"; not exactly a webzine, not exactly an author's site...
  • Deep Outside SFFH - Well-established Web-only magazine of short sf/f/h
  • Depths of R'lyeh - Online magazine for fans of H.P. Lovecraft & the Cthulhu Mythos
  • Dreadful Dreams - Original horror, suspense, thrillers, dark sf short stories
  • Event Horizon - Edited by Ellen Datlow (OMNI) and Rob Killheffer (Century), EH built on OMNI Online and established, like OMNI, the virtual high watermark for online genre. Now defunct, but still has content
  • Fantasy World Geographic - Focus on fantasy, horror and sf in pdf format.
  • Fears Magazine - Original editorial content and coverage of sf/f/h & the paranormal with news, fiction, interviews, & more; paid subscription content area
  • Gathering Darkness - Online horror magazine.with fiction, poetry & nonfiction.
  • The Goblin Muse - Webzine with news, markets, articles for horror writers plus fiction. (Not updated since March 2001.)
  • Gothic Gossip - It's not gossip. Poetry, fiction, lifestyle, etc. with goth tilt.
  • Gothic.Net - You'd have to be dead to be more goth. Not that they care. They don't even care that you aren't goth which is probably good since "goth" is just a label most often stuck on vapid twaddle and poor design involving a lot of black. Gothic.Net focuses on good dark/horror fiction, reviews, columns, etc. and if you were goth you'd know that. Daly updates.
  • The Harrow - Online literary magazine devoted to publishing original works of fantasy and horror with emphasis on young, new, and amateur writers and artists.
  • HellNotes - Weekly newsletter dedicated to horror creatives and fans featuring news, author profiles, book reviews, market reports & more.
  • InfinityPlus - "The Science Fiction and Fantasy Archive": re-publications of sf/f/h fiction, plus nonfiction, reviews & more. Frequently updated and tons of great content.
  • Insects and Angels - Webzine for art, photography and some writing. Not always dark, but interesting.
  • Insidious Reflections - Dark and twisted stories, poems and articles of all genres
  • IT- Italian horror webzine with reviews, interviews, etc. Try Google Web Translation if you don't capiche.
  • The Lightning Journal - Horror-only e-zine
  • Labyrinth 13 - Online magazine featuring true tales of the occult, crime, & conspiracy
  • Locus Online - Semi-autonomous Web version of print magazine (''the newspaper of the science fiction field'' since 1968). news, reviews, recommendations, more.
  • Lost Souls - Webzine of horror and the supernatural
  • Morbid Outlook - Gothy webzine with sections for art, music, fashion, lifestyle, fiction and nonfiction.
  • Necropsy: The Review of Horror Fiction - Scholarly, but accessible reviews of horror literature and film; quarterly. (If you remember "Necrofile," it's sort of a continuation.)
  • Nevermore - Online webzine with fiction, poetry, reviews, more.
  • OMNI-Although now a static site, some Ellen Datlow-edited fiction selections from this pioneering e-effort are still available
  • Planet Magazine - Web quarterly of short fiction by emerging writers and illustrators.
  • Quantum Barbarian- "Fun" sf/f/h, the lighter side of the dark
  • Rogue Worlds - Quarterly sf/f/h webzine featuring fiction & poetry
  • The Rose & Thorn - Quarterly literary ezine for emerging and established writers in many genres plus writers' resources
  • SciFiction - Fiction section of; Ellen Datlow edits and sneaks in the occasional dark tale. Features high quality originals and classics from top writers.
  • Shadow Voices - "If your voices speaks of the unknown and you reach into the darkness of your soul then let your words explode here"
  • - Sinister City - Fictional expressions of fear and supernatural terror
  • Sistinas - Dark content on art, literature, music, film, and clubs. Classy design.
  • Speculations -Super online resource for "writers who wish to break into or increase their presence within the science fiction, fantasy, horror, or 'other' speculative fiction genres." Once print, now all online with bi-monthly pub via email & Web site full of resources.
  • Suspect Thoughts - An excellent "journal of subversive writing" with interviews, essays, columns, fiction, and art. Mostly erotic, sometimes indecent, often dark.
  • Terror Tales - Relaunched quarterly webzine with a specific focus each issue; fiction, interviews, reviews.
  • Three Lobed Burning Eye - Online magazine of speculative fiction & artwork
  • Twilight Showcase - Webzine featuring "new talent in horror fiction," nonfiction & news.
  • Underworld Tales - Online magazine with horror fiction, dark poetry, real ghost stories, classic horror stories, psychic investigations, and more
  • Unhinged - "Disturbing fiction for discerning adults"; webzine version of small printed zine that ran for six issues. Tri-annual.
  • Vacant Funhouse - A webzine of horror, mystery, crime and suspense short fiction and poetry.
  • Weird Times Online - An online journal of horror and the arts.
  • Wicked Karnival

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    Print Magazines

    • Albedo One - The only Irish horror magazine. Now awarding the Aeon Award.
    • Back Brain Recluse - Brit print magazine/anthology offering startling and daring speculative fiction emphasizing the experimental and uncommercial end of the form.
    • Bare Bones - Nifty no-frills nonfiction zine from the editors of the now defunct and lamented The Scream Factory
    • Bloodlines - Official magazine- style quarterly newsletter of the Australian Vampire Information Association. Articles, reviews, national and international news, vampire fiction, poetry and art & more
    • Blue Blood - The original journal of gothic erotica by freaks for freaks (adults only)
    • (The) Brutarian - Long-running quarterly publication of fringe culture that often features dark fiction & interviews with writers along with reviews and other twisted stuff.
    • Carriage House Review - Biannual literary magazine dedicated to dark fiction
    • Cemetery Dance - Horror fiction print magazine in 12th year, now on bi-monthly schedule. Also offers reviews, columns, interviews. (Okay, so I do a book column for it.)
    • Century - Literate print short story magazine of speculative fiction and magic realism. Appears sporadically, but worth looking for.
    • (The) Chronicle - Monthly news & trade journal of science fiction; includes horror coverage, reviews, etc.
    • (The) City Morgue - "Every issue something new on the slab" (Also PDF version)
    • Crimewave - Crime fiction with a difference -- "morality is real but fluid...story is central but skewed...the traditions of the genre are neither dumped nor subverted, but rather viewed through fresh eyes..." British, high-quality production values. Quarterly.
    • City Slab - "Urban tales of the grotesque"; short fiction, interviews
    • Dark Realms - Quarterly focus on dark fantasy in art, music, and culture. Features include art, fashion, short fiction, interviews, reviews of books, cds, games, movies.
    • Dark Regions - Stories and poems of fantasy, dark fantasy, and science fiction. Appears once or twice a year.
    • Dead Things - Quarterly print magazine of horror fiction focusing on "horror humour"
    • Dreams of Decadence -Vampire poetry, fiction & more. Quarterly.
    • The Edge - Modern, usually urban, relevant fiction; reviews, interviews, comment. UK.
    • (The Magazine of) Fantasy & Science Fiction - Founded in 1949, this award-winning magazine is the original publisher of classics like Stephen King's Dark Tower, Daniel Keyes's Flowers for Algernon, and Walter M. Miller's A Canticle for Leibowitz, etc. Published 10 times a year; a necessity.
    • The Fix - Review of short fiction "covering every conceivable type of fiction magazine publishing in the English language, from the biggest, most established magazine to the smallest, newest magazine." (UK)
    • Flesh and Blood - "Quiet tales of dark fantasy & horror" fiction: triannual digest-size with occasional interviews & articles
    • Ghosts & Scholars - Print journal that continues the tradition of M.R. James and encourages scholarly research into Jamesiana through stories, articles, reviews, columns, art.
    • Horror Garage - Biannual print zine with eccentric mix of
    • Locus - Longtime print leader in science fiction news reviews, resources & perspectives of the SF field with some horror coverage
    • Lovecraft's Mystery Magazine - Digest-sized print zine in Weird Tales tradition; each issue contains both new and classic stories.
    • Mythic Delirium - Twice-yearly poetry magazine with sf/f/h and cross-genre "poems that spin webs of terror and wonder."
    • Night Terrors - Small quarterly digest of mainstream psychological supernatural/horror/occult fiction
    • On Spec - Canadian magazine of speculative fiction -- science fiction, fantasy, horror, ghost stories, fairy tales and magic realism. (Writers: Catch their "Top 10 No-Nos!") Provides a market for the Canadian viewpoint, but welcomes submissions from others.
    • Parsec - Canadian science fiction, fantasy and horror magazine (fiction & nonfiction) with preference for Canadian writers
    • Peep Show - Erotic horror, digest size/perfect bound
    • Sackcloth & Ashes -Quarterly Brit print zine featuring dark fiction and poetry.
    • The Scream - An independent horror movie magazine for independent horror lovers.
    • Seasons of the Night - New (summer 2004) magazine of dark fantasy, horror, supernatural and speculative fiction
    • Subterranean - Magazine from Subterranean Press
    • Talebones - Well-designed quarterly magazine featuring dark science fiction and dark fantasy from established and up-and-coming writers; fiction with a dark slant, stories and poems with punch, sometimes experimental or psychological, sometimes laced with black humor. Reviews and interviews, too.
    • The Third Alternative - Exciting mix of slipstream new fiction, in-depth reviews and interviews, features & commentary. Original & beautifully done. Quarterly (UK)
    • The Urbanite _ Surreal & Lively & Bizarre -- definitely the oddest and most delightful magazine published in Iowa. (Sporadic)
    • Video Watchdog - So it doesn't cover fiction and has nothing to do with literature -- exceptions can be made for excellence. It's "the perfectionist's guide to fantastic video" -- actually cinema, DVD & audio, too. Monthly, digest-size.
    • Weird Tales - Now published by DNA and back to its original title (after a sojurn as "Worlds of Fantasy & Horror"), this print zine of traditional horror fiction continues on in the tradition of H.P. Lovecraft, Robert Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, and other pulpmeisters.
    • Winedark Sea - New Australian quarterly of the surreal, the fantastic, and the magically real.

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