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Specialty Booksellers

  • Abebooks - World's largest source of out-of-print books.
  • Adventures in Crime & Space - Austin, TX bookstore specializing in mystery, sci-fi and horror.
  • Another Change of Hobbit - Primarily sf and f, it's still a great store. (in Berkeley, CA)v
  • Amazon - Online bookselling giant. Not as horror-friendly (or as intelligent) as when Fiona Webster was editor there, but they carry a LOT.
  • - Sure it's huge, but former horror editor and author Doug Clegg made it a good horror place.
  • Borderlands Books - A wonderful store in wonderful San Francisco owned by the wonderful Alan Beatts.
  • Charles McKee Books - SF, horror, mystery, cartoon...and fishing books in British Columbia.
  • Christine Kovach Bookseller - Online dealer specializing in modern first edition horror, science fiction, fantasy and mystery.
  • Cobblestone Books - Online catalog specializing in sf/f/h plus mystery, pulps and more.
  • Coffee Shop of Horrors - Your source for books, movies, toys, and really scary coffee.
  • Dangerous Visions - A legendary bookstore in LA, now online only; inclined toward sf, but they still have horror.
  • Dark Carnival - "E
  • arth's largest bookstore of the imagination" -- another great Bay Area store.)
  • Dark Delicacies - The only all-horror book and gift shop in the states. Owners Del and Sue will be happy to help you find whatever your dark heart desires. And you never know who you'll run into there...
  • Dark Hollow Books - Sf/f/h new, used, o.o.p; they carry a full line small press.
  • DreamHaven Books - New and used sf/f/h + film/media books, comics, and RPG; 2 stores in Minneapolis and mail-order.
  • Internet Bookshop - A big U.K. online book store; good place to find British editions.
  • Know Knew Books - A general interest used bookstore in Palo Alto, CA with a large selection of sf/f/h.
  • Moontown Books - Wide variety of used books in most fiction categories including sf/f/h.
  • Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego - It may be mysterious and galactic, but they also are devoted to the horrific!
  • (A) Mystical Unicorn-Online used book store that carries horror and other genres.
  • (The) Overlook Connection - Good ole Dave has a goshdarn great horror catalog.
  • Powells - The legendary indie bookstore. Enjoy online without a trip to Portland!
  • Science Fiction Book Club - Not a bookstore, but they do sell books.
  • Shocklines - Matt Schwartz's one-stop horror book shop online
  • (The) Stars Our Destination - Sf/f/h bookstore that now incorporates Robert Weinberg Books; now online only.
  • Violet Books-Owner Jessica Amanda Salmonson specializes in antiquarian supernatural literature
  • Wrigley Cross Books - New, used and collectible Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy, and Mystery books.
  • Mark V. Ziesing Books-They stock everything from alien abduction to Zulus. Friendly and fast.

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