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Peter Hamilton

The Commonwealth Saga: "Star Wars for grown ups." [PDF Version from CFQ]

Ellen Datlow: Shaping Fiction

"I think the fantastic genres in short fiction are producing reams of high quality material." [PDF Version from CFQ]

Joe Hill

Most of all I try like hell not to be boring. I make an effort to avoid adverbs. I guess that's how I'd describe my fiction. 'Horror stories with few adverbs.

Brian Lumley

"[Lovecraft] was like the Frank Sinatra of weird stories: he was central in his own world, while the rest of us, imitators and admirers alike, were just stumbling around on the edge of it..."

Jeff VanderMeer

We're all finding our own path to more readers, some more easily than others, but we've all yet to find the limits to our readership, and that's a positive thing.

Michael Moorcock

I always said that Elric c'est moi. As I have matured, so has he. I conceived him in my late teens and the first story was published when I was 21. By the time I was 23, I had killed him.

Karl Schroeder

I love to combine the 'ooh that's cool' reaction with a kind of paradigm-shift 'aha!' moment of new insight. Just putting one of them into the text isn't enough.

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