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Page Updated: 09.05.06

Interviews with Peter Hamilton and Ellen Datlow from CFQ/Cinefantastique. (Also in PDF: Hamilton, Datlow.)

Republished reviews from CFQ, Fantasy, and Cemetery Dance: Revenge Gifts by Cindy Cruciger, Vellum by Hal Duncan², The Empire of Ice Cream by Jeffrey Ford, The Town That Forgot How to Breathe by Kenneth J. Harvey¹, The Sword of Straw by Amanada Hemingway², Already Dead by Charlie Huston, Angeldust Apocalypse by Jeremy Robert Johnson, Prodigy by Dave Kalstein, Alabaster by Caitlín R. Kiernan, The Wave by Walter Mosley¹, The Prestige Christopher Priest¹, Visionary in Residence: Stories by Bruce Sterling², The Awakened City by Victoria Strauss, Giants of the Forest by Kim Wilkins¹, The Twisted Root of Jaarfindor by Sean Wright, and Invisible Pleasures by Mary Frances Zambreno

(Some also in PDF: ¹Reviews: CFQ March/April 2006 or ²Reviews: CFQ May/June 2006. Also, not posted in HTML because it is already out of date, a "look ahead" at summer reading from CFQ.)

Page Updated 03.25.06: Newly posted republished reviews of The Halloween Tree: Previously Unpublished Author's Preferred Text by Ray Bradbury, Genetopia by Keith Brooke, Joplin's Ghost by Tananarive Due, Blood Follows by Steve Erikson, The Gist Hunter and Other Stories by Matthew Hughes, The Narrows by Alex C Irvine, and Counting Heads by David Marusek. PLUS a new "about" page and a "thought": Context, Commentary & Caring.

Previously: The *Real* 2005 Recommended Reads List is up. A bunch of republished reviews from CFQ and Cemetery Dance are also posted along with an interview with Brian Lumley from the October CFQ. You might also want to read Making the List that tells the heart-rending story of a lone reviewer and her challenging quest to determine the "year's best" in all of sf/f/h for 2005...in early October...for a non-elitist readership...and limited to only ten books.

The interview with Joe Hill as well as a review of 20th Century Ghosts went up on 11.28.05 as did the November Book Brief with three new reviews: Swarmthief's Dance by Deborah Miller, Southern Fire: Book One of the Aldabreshin Compass Series by Juliet E. McKenna, and Circle of the Moon by Barbara Hambly.

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