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Halloween Treats for 2006

Looking for a special Halloween reading treat? Here's a harvest tale that takes a twist, a good ghost story, a thrilling mass market thriller, and a haunting historical fantasy -- all highly recommended and all available around or just after Halloween.

The REAL 2005 Recommended Reads List

...my personal no-consideration-of-publication list of recommended reads for the year... No, I haven't read everything. Yes, I am sure I've missed things. I'm also sure I will soon be slapping my head over something I forgot. But I tried.

Making the List

Top Ten? TEN! I might be hard-pressed some years to FIND ten decent sf/f movies, but this is literature...these are books! And an extremely diverse lot of books at that. But, if you put on the six guns, you have to be ready to shoot...

Tor/Sci Fi Essentials

I have no quibbles with any form of promotional campaign that might sell books -- especially from Tor, which does not have an exceedingly generous promotional budget and especially if good books good books are promoted. A majority of these are probably good books. Bravo. All for it. Pip, pip, and huzzah....I'm merely pointing out...

Words (Lisbon 1755 and Thereafter)

At the time of the Lisbon earthquake, natural disasters were considered a form of divine retribution. As the Jesuit missionary Gabriel Malagrida wrote: "Learn, O Lisbon, that the destroyers of our houses, palaces, churches, and convents, the cause of the death of so many people and of the flames that devoured such vast treasures, are your abominable sins, and not comets, stars, vapours and exhalations, and similar natural phenomena..."

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